There are moments in life in which we wake-up, and it seems we open our eyes for the very first time.
Often we have a dream, a project, relegated to the bottom of a dark drawer, doubly closed on the inside, on more than one occasion it is as if it doesn’t even belong to us, so far away from what we consider Reality.
Then, the big day arrives.
It is like waking after a long sleep, a living sleep, and discover that our eyes are full of Wonders!, that it us who are dreaming, and that we are in control.
Then the drawer disappears and its hidden treasure becomes Reality, that we perceive, because there is no difference sleep is the vigil, when we discover that it is us who control everything. At the beginning
it seems something flippant (casual) we start to gather together all the small signs, the crumbs along the road, at times perhaps fragile and difficult to distinguish, but for those who have the courage to not forget,
to be aware to be a dreamer, little by little the crumbs multiply and we start to give form to the same path, to project, realizations, environments, Reality.
With our eyes wide open, the dream unfolds before us, we design and we produce the Wonders they represent: flowers bloom in every angle and light and joy intersperse our sky.